Who thinks of drinking lemonade in November?  I do!  I look forward to the fall and a bumper crop of Meyer lemons.  I feel giddy as I pick my first 5 lemons for that first pitcher of homemade lemonade.  When I slice the lemons in half, I am almost disappointed that some of the juice, God’s nectar, has escaped.  My disappointment is quickly replaced with happiness as the heavenly aroma reaches my nose and my tastebuds begin to salivate.  I carefully place half the lemon in the lemon squeezer and press the two ends together and squeeze. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of juice that comes out of each lemon.  Almost half a cup!  When all 5 lemons are pressed, I start on the simple syrup that will only enhance the flavor of the lemons.  One cup of sugar to one cup of water in a pot.  Heat up and stir until the sugar has melted.  I strain the lemon juice and pour in the syrup.  Add 6 cups of cold water and presto the best drink has been created!

A Meyer lemon tree is a bit of an investment but the rewards are bountiful for years to come.