I love to garden!  I mean it’s one of my favorite past times.  I can spend hours outside cultivating my garden in the summer.  But now it’s…..!  One of the reasons I dislike winter is that there is no gardening that is until I discovered indoor gardening. My dream is to have a greenhouse one day…well, that and having a couple million dollars.  Since neither of those dreams will come true anytime soon, I’ll tell you how I keep my green thumb during the cold, dreary days of winter.


A winter garden can be a fresh herb garden, growing some vegetables or some citrus plants.  My first attempt at a winter garden was growing herbs.  I just bought some herbs, kept them in original containers, and placed them in my kitchen window.  They did okay but nothing like what I had in my garden over the summer. The next year, I got the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden and that was a game changer for my herb growing.   The cool thing about this kit is that the plants grow in water. The garden comes with seed pods so all you have to do for set up is put in the seed pods, put in water and add nutrients. It comes with a light so you can literally put this garden anywhere in your home. My AeroGarden grows up to 3 plants. There are also other seed pods that you can buy like tomatoes or salad greens.


Another plant you can grow in the winter is carrots. You only need 5 things to grow carrots….a container that is at least 12 inches deep, good soil, carrot seeds, water and sunlight.  I have 3 of the Fiskars 26 inch veranda planters.  I use two of these planters for carrots.  Growing carrots is easy and in my opinion, there is nothing better than homegrown carrots. Once you plant the seeds and the plants start to grow, make sure you keep the carrots at least 2 inches apart so they have plenty of room to grow into those sweet tubers of awesomeness.


In the other container, I like to grow spinach. Love, love, love spinach all the time but especially in the winter.  I like how it is easy enough to grow. Once the seeds start to germinate, just thin them out so there is at least half an inch between the plants. Spinach is great in a salad, as a added vegetable or just sauteed in some olive oil.

Two years ago, I took a couple of seeds from my Meyer Lemon tree and dried them out. When they were dried, I put them in a pot indoors. I watered that pot and pretty soon, a sprout poked its head through the soil. The tree is not very big but it is thriving indoors. Lemons are a good edible plant to grow indoors too. I am really hoping that this spring, I will get some flowers on the lemon tree because that means fruit will come next.


The best thing about indoor gardening is that you know what you are putting into your food. You aren’t using pesticides or any other harmful chemicals! This winter, try your own garden!  Your wallet and your taste buds will thank you!